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Your customer number is printed on your Sui Gas bill as shown in the below picture.

Sui Gas Bill Online

Gas Bill Online Check- Conveniently Check Your Sui Gas Bill Online

Energy bills are a major concern for Pakistani households. These days, due to high consumption and high charges, people want to know their sui gas bill charges ahead of time so they can manage finances and avoid any fines. At, we have come up with the most convenient solution. Instead of looking for an official website, you can simply use our online gas bill-checking service. With our gas bill online check portal, you can conveniently check your gas bill information and if you like, you can go for the sui gas duplicate bill as well as per your requirements. With the help of SNGPL online bill-checking tools, you will never have to stress over checking your bill details, overuse charges, fines, and even penalties that often occur when you don’t get to pay your bill at the right time. Our convenient sui gas bill checking tool is convenient and available for every user visiting our page 24/7. 

Checking the SSGC Bill Online or SNGPL Online Bill

Our sui gas bill checking online tool is one of the most convenient and easiest gas bill checking tools online in Pakistan. However, if you are new to this then don’t worry, we have got you covered. All you need is to input your account ID and you are done. You will be provided with the most recent ssgc bill details. Also, if you need to, you can have the SNGPL duplicate bill by printing it for physical reference or payment at designated banks.

To perform a bill online check follow the steps below:

  • Visit 
  • Click on the gas bill button and select the bill check.
  • On the new page, you will find the top ”SNGPL bill check” button or the “Check SSGC Bill” button choose accordingly
  • Now input your 11-digit consumer number for the SNGPL bill or enter the 10-digit Customer Number that you can find on your paper bill.

If you need an SSGC duplicate bill, click to view the full bill, and there you can find the print option. You can get your SNGPL duplicate bill within no time. 

Finding The Consumer Number in the SUI Gas Bill?

The consumer is allotted by the sui gas department to its consumers which is their identity number just like an ID card. Your consumer number or account ID is usually found on the bill’s right corner. Check the following screenshot for reference.

Sui Gas Bill Online

What is the SNGPL Bill?

The full form of the SNGPL bill is the “Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited bill”. When you get a gas connection from SNGPL then you will get regularly printed invoices. The SNGPL is the paper invoice issued by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited that contains the unit information consumed by the consumers within a month and further includes meter readings, tariff rates, gas consumption, and the total amount consumers have to pay. For residential, commercial, and industrial customers, the SNGPL bill shows gas usage and charges and keeps the records for the future.

About Sui Gas :

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) supplies natural gas to Pakistan as Sui Gas (SNGPL). There are two major gas distribution companies in Pakistan, SSGC and SNGC. Since January 1964, it’s been a public limited company, and its main responsibility is sending and distributing natural gas in Sindh and Balochistan.

Sui Balochistan province discovered the gas field in the late 1950s and became ISO 14001:2015 certified. In North Central Pakistan, including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sui gas (SNGPL) is serving more than 7.22 million consumers. Natural gas from there has been an important source for the country.

  • Registration Number For SNGPL: CUIN-0043761
  • (NTN)National Tax Number: 0801137-7
  • General Sales Tax Number(GST): 03-91-9999-967-19

What to Do if You Lost your SUI Gas Bill

This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you misplace your sui gas bill. This is one of the most important documents for various purposes in Pakistan. However, misplacing your gas bill in Pakistan can be a frustrating experience. Don’t stress out has got you covered. You can use our SNGPL online bill-checking tool to generate your SNGPL duplicate bill with just one click by printing it out. It will allow you to access the necessary billing information anywhere.” prints out a duplicate bill with all your billing info and payment instructions. In case your physical bill goes missing, you can still keep track of your gas consumption and payments.

What is the Minimum Bill in SNGPL and SSGC?

In the case where little to no gas consumption is noticed the minimum bill is issued. This is usually the consumed units that fall below the standard limit set by OGRA or the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. This applies to consumers of all categories from commercial to domestic. Rent and General Sales Tax (GST) are not included in these charges.


Minimum Charges (Rs .per month)


(a) Standalone Meters (b) Mosques, Churches, Temples, Madrassas, Other Religious Places and Hostels attached thereto.

Rs. 172.58

Those receiving gas through bulk meters include government and semi-government offices, hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, government guest houses, armed forces messes, langars, universities, colleges, schools, and private educational institutions; additionally, gas is supplied to hostels and residential colonies.

Rs. 3,900.00


(All businesses that are either directly selling consumer goods to the public or are registered as commercial entities with local authorities. Examples of such businesses include bakeries, cafes, milk shops, tea stalls, canteens, hair salons, laundries, hotels, malls, and entertainment venues like theaters, clubs, and movie theaters.

Rs. 6,415.00

Commercial Special (Roti Tandoors)

Rs. 148.50

Ice Factories

Rs. 6,415.00

General Industry

Rs. 36,449.70


Rs. 45,803.10


Rs. 45,588.90

Power Stations(WAPDA and KESC Power Stations)

(i) WAPDA’s & KESC Power Stations and other Electricity Utility companies

Rs. 29,416.80

(ii) WAPDA’s Gas Turbine Power Station, Nishatabad, Faisalabad

Rs. 975,000(Fixed Charges)

(iii) Liberty Power Limited’s Gas Turbine Power Plant (Phase 1) at Daharki

Rs. 44,972.79

Independent Power Producers

Rs. 29,416.80

Captive Power

Rs. 36,449.70

Where Can I Make Payment for My Sui Gas Bill?

Sui Gas bill can be paid at the following branches of banks in Pakistan:

Bank Alfalah Limited

Faysal Bank Limited

Sama Bank Limited

National Investment Bank (NIB)

United Bank Limited (UBL)

The Bank of Punjab (BOP)

Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

First Women Bank (FWB)

Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

Muslim Commercial Bank Limited (MCB)

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Askari Bank Limited

Soneri Bank Limited

Meezan Bank Limited

Bank Islami Limited

You can visit any of the branches of these banks to make your Sui Gas bill payment.

  • SNGPL Head Office Lahore Phone Numbers

+92 42 99082000-06

+92 42 99080000

  • SNGPL Head Office Address

Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, P.O Box No. 56 Lahore 54000, Pakistan.


  • SSGC Head Office  Phone Number:

+92 21 99243435

  • SSGC Head Office Address

SSGC LDC Building, Karachi Terminal, Opp. Safari Park, Main University Road, Karachi-75300, Pakistan.