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Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your GEPCO bill as shown in the below picture.

Check GEPCO Bill Online

When we talk about GEPCO and its bill checking, we all know how tiring the time will be. You will have to wait for your regular bill to be delivered and then look for the Dues. However, the major cons of this process is that it usually gets delivered when the due date is too close. However, thanks to Gepco’s online bill facility, you will never have to stress over it anymore.  GEPCO online bill check service if offered by Bill Generator has made it convenient to check your electricity bills from Gepco without having to worry about visiting the office, calling the helpline, or going through any hassle anymore. 

Our GEPCO bill online check tool offers the most important information regarding your GEPCO bills in the swift way possible. You can get to know about bill amount, due date, and complete bill details. Furthermore, we also provide the option to print or Download your bill directly, or even duplicate your GEPCO bill online for payment purposes.

Checking the GEPCO Bill Online


Checking the GEPCO bill online with a billgenerator is one of the most convenient ways possible. All you need is a working internet connection, a desktop PC or Laptop, or even a mobile phone with cellular data is OK.


  • First visit the website “
  • Select the “GEPCO“
  • There you will find two options Reference No or Customer ID on the page.
  • Select one of them
  • With Reference No you will have to enter the 14-digit reference number that is printed on your electricity bill in the search bar.
  • If you select Customer ID then enter the 10-digit reference number that you can find on the electricity bill in the search bar.
  • Press the “Check Your Bill” button to get the results

Now you can find your GEPCO Online Bill, with the due date and exact amount details will appear within a few seconds on the screen. You Can print your bill by clicking the “Print” button if you want to.

How Gepco Bill Generator Works?

With GEPCO Online Bill check tool, you can check your GEPCO bills within a few clicks. Users often wonder how the GEPCO bill-checking tool works. We are giving you a complete knowledge of how does GEPCO Online Bill generator works. Learn about the functionality of this brilliant platform.

Consumer ID or Reference Number:

This is the unique Identification of every user provided by the GEPCO to its consumers registered under the organization. They are must-know for everyone because GEPCO online bill tools require this to give you the bill details. You will need to enter them precisely in the tool and you will get the results accordingly.

Data Retrieval:

When you enter the customer ID, it sends the details to the data set of GEPCO to retrieve the information regarding the bill. The developers at the backend follow the proposed commands and extract the information by matching the details. Then, they send the details to our servers. Consequently, Bill Generator provides you with the GEPCO bill online, where you can check different elements

GEPCO Online Bill Operational Areas

GEPCO is the acronym of Gujranwala Electric Power Company. It is one of the major electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. It provides and manages the electricity distribution in the Gujranwala and Sialkot divisions of Punjab province. The Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) was created in the early 1980s to serve the jurisdiction and electrification network of the former Area Electricity Board GEPCO was incorporated on April 25, 1998, and received a certificate to commence business.

GEPCO has an extensive infrastructure with a wide distribution network of lines, transformers, substations, and grid stations. It ensures uninterrupted electricity supply and upgrading infrastructure to meet growing demand. 

The geographical areas that fall under the responsibility of GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) are








Mandi Bahauddin

Customer Base:

GEPCO serves a diverse customer base that includes residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural consumers. Let me know if you need any further assistance. It supplies electricity to a diverse range of customers, including households, businesses, factories, and farms.

Power Generation Sources:

GEPCO gets electricity from NTDC, IPPs, and hydroelectric power stations. It distributes this electricity to its consumers through its distribution network.

GEPCO Online Bill Details

When you take a look at your GEPCO electricity bill there will be several options available however, you will need to focus on these options.

Date Of Your Connection:

This is the date when you became a registered member of GEPCO by getting an official electricity connection.

Reference Number:

This is one of the most important parts of your electricity bill from GEPCO. This number is required for GEPCO Online Bill check as well. This a unique number provided by the GEPCO and it acts as an identity in the database of GEPCO. Your bill is paid under this code. You can also duplicate the copy of your bill with this number as well.

Units Consumed:

During the billing period, your charges are calculated based on the amount of energy you consume, measured in kilowatt-hours. This allows you to estimate and pay your total charges accurately.


You will find different dates in the top right corner of the bill. The electricity bill lists three important dates: the reading date, the issue date, and the due date


When reading your bill for the GEPCO bill online check, you will come across FPA. FPA is the acronym for “Fuel Price Adjustment” This is the cost of fuel such as crude oil to generate electricity by the rental power companies. The FPA price fluctuates based on fuel prices.

TR Surcharge:

The T.R. surcharge is the difference between the tariff approved by NEPRA and charged by the GOP. The T.R. surcharge is the difference between the tariff approved by NEPRA and charged by the GOP. If the gap is positive, that will be paid as a subsidy by the GOP. But, if the gap is negative then the distribution company will pay them as the Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).

FC Surcharge:

Financing Cost (FC) Surcharge of 43 paise per unit imposed for debt servicing of Power Holding Pvt Ltd.

Time of Billing:

The bill may be issued at different dates and times depending on your location. To see your meter readings, payment due dates, and any billing issues, you can review your bill history.

Peak Hours Information of GEPCO Company

Peak hours can be defined as the time when the electricity is consumed heavily by the consumers. When a huge number of consumers come home the usage of crucial electric appliances will be increased such as airconditioners, fans, and TVs, and can put a huge load on the GEPCO electricity transmission network. The information for these hours is as follows.




5:00 pm-09:00pm


6:00 pm-10:00 pm


7:00 pm-11:00 pm


6:00 pm-10:00 pm

GEPCO Bill Correction Facility

GEPCO is one of the major electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. It is working at its best to provide electricity to its domestic and commercial consumers. However, during the billing, there can be millions of bills that they have to use and this can cause some problems on bills. 

Instead of stressing out you can resort to a GEPCO bill correction facility. If you have received your paper bill and you are finding a difference between that bill and Gepco online bill check results then you can do the following:

Customer Service Center: 

If you want to then you can find several GEPCO custom care centers. For general inquiries, you can visit that is near to your location. If you don’t know then you can visit GEPCO’s official website and find a list of their customer response center.

Visiting GEPCO Office

Visiting directly the GEPCO office can be a good way to make corrections to your GEPCO Online Bill. You should visit the official GEPCO office and let their customer care know about your bill’s error. Take the GEPCO bill online print for reference.

Online Account: 

GEPCO also offers the contact option through its official website. Visit the website and click the “Contact Us” button to send them an email regarding the GEPCO Online Bill error.

Necessary Information: 

While contacting GEPCO, you should have your reference number and every important detail regarding your bill. This will help them to find your account data and rectify the issue more efficiently.

Document the Issue: 

Discover the details of your electricity bill by using the GEPCO online bill-checking tool. Please carefully review your bill and report any errors to us as soon as possible. This will help avoid any confusion or incorrect charges.

Request a Correction: 

It is important to clearly indicate the reason for requesting a bill correction. Specify if it is due to an overcharge, undercharge, or any other issue.

Keep Following: 

If the necessary correction is not made promptly, it is advisable to follow up with GEPCO Online Bill. Please make sure to check and rectify the issue as soon as possible. It may be necessary to persist in order to ensure that the issue is resolved. I have corrected any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

GEPCO is committed to providing excellent customer care. Sometimes, it may take a while to correct certain issues with your bill. For the most up-to-date information and guidance on correcting your bill, it is recommended to visit the official GEPCO website ( or contact their customer service.

GEPCO Online Bill Customer Care Details

Gepco online bill contains the details regarding the customer service options Thus, if you have any issues, concerns, or queries, you can contact the designated numbers to deal with them.

District Name

Helpline Number











Mandi Bahauddin


Top of all that, you can write an email directly to Gepco, discuss your problems or complaints, and get instant results.

  • Email Id: