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Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your IESCO bill as shown in the below picture.

IESCO Bill Online

Check IESCO Bill Online

Did you ever have to worry about checking your IESCO bill? If so then you don’t have to anymore. Checking IESCO bills has never been so easy. Thanks to modern technology, it is much easier and more convenient to check your electricity bills with just one click. All you need is a medium such as a laptop, desktop, or mobile and a working internet connection. You can check your bill with this convenient IESCO bill-checking tool. Not only that, the IESCO online bill-checking tool is authentic and provides the right information that you want to have regarding your electricity bill. This will help you to have the best idea about your bill in advance and have better control of your expenses. You can have access to accurate calculations about your electricity billing amount, when it was published, and a complete look at the overall billing. 

Using IESCO Online Bill Checking Facility

Using IESCO online bill check is relatively easier. However, for a newcomer or new user using this can be a hassle. Don’t stress out, and do the following:

  • Visit the website on your phone or PC.
  • There you will select the “IESCO”
  • There you can find two options  on the page, “Reference No” or “Customer ID”
  • Select one of them
  • If you select Reference No, then you will need to look for the reference number from your previous IESCO bill and put it in the search bar of the tool.
  • For Customer ID you will need to add the 10-digit reference number printed on the electricity bill in the search bar.
  • Press the “Check Your Bill” button to get the results
  • There you can see the IESCO bill with the due date and the exact amount details within a few seconds on the screen.
  • If you want to then you can print your bill by clicking the “Print” button.

How Iesco Bill Generator Works?

We described earlier that you can check the IESCO bill online with the help of Bill Generator. It could be interesting for some users to learn about the working model of this tool. We have detailed the complete information along with the steps, providing you with immense knowledge regarding the functionality of this brilliant platform.

Consumer ID or Reference Number:

The consumer ID or reference number on the IESCO bill online is the unique identification of every registered user in the data set of this organization. You must enter them precisely by checking them on your IESCO bill. As a result, there will be minimal chance of error, and you will get accurate results.

Data Retrieval:

When you enter the consumer ID, it sends the details to the data set of IESCO to retrieve the information regarding the bill. The developers at the backend follow the proposed commands and extract the information by matching the details. Then, they send the details to our servers. Consequently, Bill Generator provides you with the IESCO bill online, where you can check different elements.

IESCO Operational Areas

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company. This is a company responsible for handling the electricity in Islamabad and surrounding areas. Established in 1998, it took over the responsibilities of the Islamabad Area Electricity Board. It provides and manages electricity to its 3.2 million domestic and commercial consumers.

In these six districts, over 25 million people are affected. To be more specific, it is providing its services to the following regions.









IESCO is serving a large number of consumers in the national region. It covers a wide range of constituencies in Pakistan. Its primary objective is to generate revenue for Pakistan while providing high-quality electricity and services to its customers. IESCO enjoys a unique advantage in the market as it is the only electric supply company that exists in three different states of Pakistan. 

Understanding IESCO Bill:

While the IESCO bill comes with different parameters, here are the most important things to understand in your IESCO bill:


Date Of Your Connection:

This is the date when you first registered yourself in IESCO’s database for electricity connection.


Reference Number:

This is the crucial part of your reference number. Your reference number serves as your identification, similar to your account number.This number is required to pay your bill. This code is also important for iesco online bill checking. You can also generate a duplicate copy of your bill with this code.



The top right corner contains different dates. The dates on your electricity bill include the reading date, issue date, and due date.



You might be wondering what is FPA on your iesco bill. FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. This is the amount of electricity generated by rental power companies from sources like Crude Oil. The FPA price fluctuates based on fuel prices.


TR Surcharge:

T.R. is a Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. Under the revised criteria, the tariff will be determined by NEPRA, and the government will then announce a uniform tariff applicable to all distribution companies. It is worth noting that NEPRA and GOP tariffs differ in their pricing structure and the methodology used to calculate them. If the difference between the two tariffs is positive, the GOP will have to pay it as a subsidy. Conversely, if the difference is negative, then the Distribution Company will have to pay the GOP an Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).


FC Surcharge:

Financing Cost (FC) Surcharge of 43 paise per unit imposed for debt servicing of Power Holding Pvt Ltd.


Bill Timing:

You may receive the bill at different dates and times according to your region. Check your bill history to view readings, issues, and due dates.

Peak Hours Information of IESCO Company

The demand for electricity spikes during peak evening hours as people return home and use air conditioning, heating systems, lighting, and other household appliances. There is also an increase in demand during this time due to commercial establishments. In both summer and winter, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company has specific peak hour timings designed to meet peak electricity demand.




5:00 pm-11:00pm


6:00 pm-10:00pm

IESCO Bill Correction Facility

IESCO is one of the largest electricity distribution companies. It is responsible for providing electricity to its designated regions and it is doing great already. However, there is a probability that there can be some errors in the bill issued to you. This is why you will need to correct your bill accordingly. By visiting customer service centers or the nearest EISCO office you can get your EISCo bill corrected. The general steps include:

Contacting Nearest Customer Service Center

IESCO has enlisted a full list of their IESCO customer service centers. For general inquiries, you can visit the nearest one. However, you can also visit IESCO’s official website and contact them via email or give them a call on their given number.

Visiting IESCO Office

You can also visit the designated IESCO office near you or in your region. There you can visit their helpdesk and discuss the error on your bill.

Online Account

IESCO is also offering its email service through its official website. Visit the website and use the “Contact Us” button to send them an email regarding the IESCO bill error.

Provide Necessary Information

While contacting IESCO, be sure to have your right reference number and any relevant details about the billing error ready. This will help them locate your account and rectify the issue more efficiently.

Document the Issue: 

Learn about the issue on your electricity bill. You can check your IESCO online bill-checking tool as well where you can find the information regarding your bill. Note any errors on your bill so there won’t be any confusion.

Request a Correction: 

It’s important to clearly state if you want a bill corrected due to an overcharge, undercharge, or any other issue..

Keep Following: 

If the correction is not made promptly, follow up with IESCO. Persistence may be necessary to ensure that the issue is resolved..

IESCO is already doing its best to provide its customers with the best customer care without a doubt. However, some issues with your bill can take some time to be corrected. It is recommended to visit the official IESCO website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information and guidance on how to correct your bill.

IESCO Customer Care Details

IESCO bill contains the details regarding the customer service options Thus, if you have any issues, concerns, or queries, you can contact the designated numbers to deal with them.

District Name

Helpline Number













Top of all that, you can write an email directly to Iesco, discuss your problems or complaints, and get instant results.

  • Email Id: