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Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your HESCO bill as shown in the below picture.

HESCO Online Bill

Check HESCO Online Bill

Checking HESCO bill when you aren’t sure if you have got the paper bill or not can be a daunting task. However, with our Bill Generator Tool, Checking HESCO online bills has become easier than ever. HESCO has taken this outstanding step to make it easier for its consumers to check their electricity bills with HESCO online bill in one click. Through the help of our HESCO bill online checking tool, all you need is a medium such as a laptop, desktop, or mobile and a working internet connection. You can check your HESCO bill without facing any issues. Also, the HESCO online bill-checking tool provides authentic information that you want to have regarding your electricity bill. This will help you to have advance information about your HESCO electricity bill even before getting the paper bill. With this accurate information about your electricity bill, you can manage your finances in advance.

Using HESCO Online Bill Checking Facility

Using HESCO online bill check is convenient and easy to use. But don’t worry if you are using the online bill-checking tool HESCO for the first time. Don’t stress out, and do the following:

  • Visit the website billgenerator.net on your phone or PC.
  • There you will select the “HESCO”
  • You will be looking at two options on the page, “Reference No” or “Customer ID”
  • Select any of them
  • With the Reference No option, you will need to look for the reference number from your previous HESCO bill and put it in the search bar of the tool.
  • You will need to add the 10-digit number as the customer ID that is printed on the electricity bill in the search bar.
  • Click on the “Check Your Bill” button to get the results
  • There you can see the HESCO bill with the due date and the exact amount details within a few seconds on the screen.
  • You can print your bill by clicking the “Print” button.
HESCO Online Bill

What is HESCO and It's Operational Areas?

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. The company was formed to take over the assets, legal rights, and all of the liabilities of AEB or Area Electricity Board which was previously working for Hyderabad Power Distribution Company. The HESCO emerged as a new and progressive electricity distribution company that had the main goal to ensure that it would ensure seamless electricity to its consumers in the province of Sindh except for Karachi) but to extend the business as well. with the best possible customer service.







HESCO has divided its administration in 12 districts of the province of Sindh into 4 circles of operation. This initiative was taken to make sure there will be uninterrupted supply to its valued consumers which are almost 1,178,412. The operation divisions are 15 and 69 sub operation divisions, 6 construction divisions, and 5 M & T divisions.

What is On HESCO Bill Online?

Paper HESCO bills or Hesco bill online come with multiple parameters, here are the most important things to understand in your HESCO bill.

Your Connection Date:

When you first register with the HESCO’s database for electricity connection that date will be printed on every bill.

Reference Number:

The reference number is the most crucial part of your bill especially when you want to check the HESCO bill online. Your reference number gives you the identification in Hesco’s database. This number is important to pay your bill. You can also generate a duplicate copy of your bill with this code.


The top right corner contains different dates. The dates on your electricity bill include the reading date, issue date, and due date.


The FPA on your HESCO bill is the Fuel Price Adjustment. This is the amount of fuel consumed during the electricity generation by rental power companies from sources like Crude Oil.

TR Surcharge:

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge describes how the Tariff Rationalization Surcharge works. After NEPRA determines the tariff under the revised criteria, the government will announce a uniform tariff for all distribution companies. The pricing structure and methodology for calculating NEPRA and GOP tariffs differ. Subsidies will be paid by the GOP if the difference is positive. Distribution Companies must pay the GOP an Inter Disco Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).

FC Surcharge:

Financing Cost (FC) Surcharge of 43 paise per unit imposed for debt servicing of Power Holding Pvt Ltd.

Bill Timing:

You may receive the bill at different dates and times according to your region. Check your bill history to view readings, issues, and due dates.

Peak Hours Details Of HESCO

Peak hours can simply be defined as the hours when the electricity consumption will be increased. This is usually the time when people reach their homes in the summer, take baths, watch TV, and turn their ACs or air coolers on, etc. There is also an increase in demand during this time due to commercial establishments. In both summer and winter, the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company has specified the peak hour timings designed to meet peak electricity demand.




6:30 pm-10:30pm


6:00 pm-10:00pm

HESCO Bill Correction Facility

HESCO Bill is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in the Sindh region. It is making sure that its designated districts and subdivisions have an uninterpreted electricity supply. However, there are chances that there can be some errors in the bill issued to you. This is why you will need to correct your bill accordingly. By visiting customer service centers or the nearest HESCO office you can get your HESCO bill corrected. The general steps include:

Visiting Nearest Customer Service Center

There are specified customer service centers by HESCO. You can visit the nearest one to rectify the bill errors. Visit HESCO’s official website(https://www.hesco.gov.pk/) and contact them via email or give them a call on their given number to ask about one.

Visiting HESCO Office

A HESCO office visit is the best way to correct your bill in no time. Visit the office and let them know the error. They will check out and then let you know if the problem will be resolved promptly or not.

Online Account

HESCO is also offering its email service through its official website. Visit the website and use the “Contact Us” button to send them an email regarding the HESCO bill error.

Request a Correction: 

It’s important to clearly state if you want a bill corrected due to an overcharge, undercharge, or any other issue.

Follow Up Your Complain: 

If the correction is not made promptly, follow up with HESCO. Persistence may be necessary to ensure that the issue is resolved.

HESCO goes above and beyond to ensure that its customers receive exceptional customer service. You can count on them to provide you with the best possible experience without a doubt. It is worth noting that certain issues with your bill may require some time to be resolved. If you’re looking for information about HESCO, it’s best to visit their official website or reach out to their customer service team for assistance.

HESCO Customer Care Details

HESCO bill contains the details regarding the customer service options Thus, if you have any issues, concerns, or queries, you can contact the designated numbers to deal with them.

District Name

Helpline Number









Top of all that, you can write an email directly to hesco, discuss your problems or complaints, and get instant results.

  • Email Id: complaint@hesco.com.pk